Today G Service Baggage Customer Service stands for courtesy, efficiency and professionalism.


After more than twenty years experience as owner of a commercial activity in the luggage sector, Mr. Forte decided, in 2001, to support completely the air lines and their customers regarding baggage damage. Years after years the company and its prestige have consistently grown.


For the passengers we offer a very high quality and responsive service. Our customers are assisted from the beginning by highly qualified personnel, that with years of experience in customer service and that can be proud of an exemplary training both on technical and communication skills.

Our partners

We give experience and professionalism to the following airlines:

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We offer our customers a quick and easy procedure to get the repair or replacement of their damaged luggage in a very short time, with tangible benefits both for the passenger and the airline company.

Our company also offers a wide range of products including

Collaboration with the most famous shoe brands and the partnership with strollers, bicycle racks and tool carrying companies allows us to satisfy a wide range of customers.

Our company also offers a wide range of products including RONCATO, DELSEY, SAMSONITE, RIMOWA, RAVIZZONI and JAGUAR. We then rely on SCICON regarding bicycle racks and GT LINE for repair or replacement of tool carrying cases and then again at PEG PEREGO and CAM for the practice of strollers.

We rely on a team of experienced technicians in the field of leather goods and suitcases in general and if necessary directly to the manufacturers.